Watch dial

the face and soul of a watch. This is where the different trends and styles are reflected the most, and it makes the watch the unique piece of art it is. That art can lose its lustre over time; DANAFI, with its unbeatable restoration work, brings this splendour back.
DANAFI has a wide and well known experience in the restoration of all types of both small and big format watches and clocks (pocket and wrist watches, wall, tabletop and Elizabethan clocks, to name a few.)
The restoration of watch parts requires a very detailed study and a close and personalised attention. We devote this to all restorations from the most complex to the more simple.
We have a great expertise in dealing with either fair coloured dials from white to silver colours, including those that range from champagne to gold, as well as the three most classic colours: green, yellow and pink and the rhodiated backgrounds of those watches made in white gold.
Our expertise extends to the most traditional techniques, such as the silver [grané], so cherished by collectors and watch craft lovers. We offer our clients a rich colour palette to choose from with reference to Pantone and based on the lacquers and their twelve basic colours.
Finally, as restoration professionals, we not only look after the colouring and tones of the dial, but we also take special care in the imprinting of the different brand names, achieving an integral restoration of every watch and always respecting its original characteristics.

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