Galvanotechnic gilding.
Gold and rhodium plating:

Our high quality standards are reflected in our treatment of the different metals used in the craft of the different watch components.
As a preliminary step to every restoration it is necessary to proceed to a thorough cleansing of the piece, either by using chemical or physical procedures like abrasion; The choice of procedure will depend on the quality and state of the metal to be restored. A meticulous cleansing of the piece to be restored is basic for the finest restoration results.
After cleansing, the watch's restoration will ensue, eliminating all those impurities, pores and abrasions that it might have suffered throughout its lifetime. During this part of the process our studio provides a very special care to watch cases, which are the part of the watch that suffers the most wear and tear.
Once the restoration is finalised, we gild the pieces in our studio according to the watch’s original design, either in gold or in white (by rhodiated treatment]. The gilding or [rhoding] of cases, bracelets and dials of watches and jewels is one of the crafts DANAFI has excelled at since 1973.

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